UV tape for wafer backgrinding and Etching


SKU : Furukawa Electric SP Series



A new innovative adhesive tape for wafer backgrinding and etching.
SP tape's excellent shock and vibration absorption protects the wafer against breakage and damage during backgrinding. It's strong resistance to acids protects the wafer during the etching process without application of photo resist. A flash of UV eliminates SP tape's high adhesion, permitting virtually no stress tape removal with no adhesive residue.

  • Excellent Cushion!
  • Applicable to 100 microns Height Solder Bump!
  • No Washing-process!
  • Excellent Surface Protection!
  • Superior Resistance to Acid Etchants!


  • High adhesion prevents wafer breakage caused by delamination of tape due to lack of tackiness.
  • Hardness of backing film and adhesive is controlled to optimize shock and vibration absorption.
  • Strong resistance to acid etchants makes it possible to eliminate resist-process. Characteristics of near zero adhesion after UV irradiation eliminate possibility of residues and wafer breakage.
  • Consisting of strictly selected raw materials, contains little impurities and provides virtually no contamination.

The above are typical charactristics, and should not be used for any specification purpose. Properties and characteristics are different between kinds and types. Please contact us for the details of the respective tapes.

Other Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 2 piece/carton
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