UV tape for wafer dicing


SKU : Furukawa Electric UC Series



A new innovative adhesive tape for wafer dicing, that allows Full Cut Method.
The high adhesion of UC tape prevents chip flying and makes it possible to minimize chipping during dicing. Its adhesive becomes non-sticky when exposed to UV light. Even large chips, therefore can be easily picked up, virtually no stress and no adhesive residue.

  • No Chip Flying!
  • Stable Picking-up Chips!
  • Applicable to Large Chips!


  • High adhesion secures dies in place and avoids chip flying and chipping during dicing.
  • Characteristics of near zero adhesion after UV irradiation makes it possible to pick up dies free of stress.
  • Specially designed adhesive makes easy die-pick-up possible, regardless of kinds of wafer surface.
  • No contamination with harmful ionic substances or with migration of adhesive and its additives.
  • The above are typical charactristics, and should not be used for any specification purpose. Properties and characteristics are different between kinds and types. Please contact us for the details of the respective tapes.

Other Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 2 piece/carton
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