Epoxy and silver Glass Die bonder

SKU : Hybond EDB-141


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Product Description

HYBOND's Model EDB-141 is a semiautomatic epoxy/silver glass die bonder which provides uniform epoxy or silver glass dispensing with consistent material thickness and precise die placement.

The EDB-141 can be fitted with a waffle pack/jel pack or loose die pedestal or a die ejector for holding die on wafers. The dispense system can be fitted with HYBOND's micro-dispense head for extremely low volume epoxy dispensing.

This die bonder is rugged enough for continuous production and ideal for small production runs and laboratory applications. Die pick up and placement are made easy with the aid of dual CCTV cameras and a split screen monitor which incorporates a die and package visual targeting system.

The EDB-141 is modular and easily adapts to modifications to accommodate fixturing for custom packages.

Other Information
• Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece

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