Ultrasonic handy cutter | USW-334


SKU : Honda Electronics USW-334



Blade of ultrasonic cutter is vibrated in ultrasonic frequency by internal ceramics transducer. The microscopic and high-speed motion of the blade has strong effect and blade moves much smoother with light force. Tough material that require strong force to cut becomes unbelievably smooth.


  • High speed vibration, 40,000 cycle per second (40 kHz) assists smooth cutting with less pressure force.
  • Main unit has handpiece holder. Handpiece settles safe while not in use.

Applicable material and thickness (reference)
  • Resin: ABS, PP, PET, acrylic
  • Thickness: 3 mm maximum
  • Cutting speed: Typically, the speed of cutting above plastics with 3mm thick is approximately 3 seconds.

The cutting experience described above may vary by the environment and hardness of the material.
For the material not listed above, please contact us, before you try.


Other Information
・ Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece

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