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A rich array of arm lengths and variations
  • JS Series: four models ranging from 250mm to 550mm
  • JSTH Series: seven models ranging from 350mm to 1,000mm.Powerful motor (up to 1,900W) handles high speed operations.

JS Series (Double Shaft)

  • Various Model Sizes, 4 different arm lengths, ranging from 250mm to 550mm.
  • High Locus Precision,Double shaft mechanism ensures stable CP (continuous path) movement
  • Clean Room Compatible Models,Compliant with Clean Class 10* (*Federal Standard 209D)Special airtight structure and built-in inside-out vacuum system prevent dust buildup.
  • The robot's exterior has a conductive coating and the Z-axis is covered with a flexible antistatic hose.
JSTH Series (Single Shaft)
  • Various Model Sizes,7 different arm lengths, ranging from 350mm to 1,000mm.Long versions of the Z-axis are available for the JS550TH and JS1000TH models.
  • Smooth Wiring Layout,Z-axis shaft's hollow construction keeps the cables for tools and other external devices attached to the arm tip from getting tangled.
JS/JSTH Series Common Features
  • Original Software "JR C-Points" Dedicated software for screw tightening, dispensing and soldering jobs.
  • Customizing Function.This allows you to register job data as a functional system and then create your own software by making your own settings.
  • Ample Programming Capacity.Create up to 255 programs with up to 30,000 points of data.
  • Simple Sequencer.The built-in simple sequencer works independently from the robot's operation, carrying out up to 100 programs or 1000 steps.
  • 10 different display languages.You can switch from among these languages: Japanese・English・German・Italian・Spanish・French・Korean・Simplified Chinese・Czech・Vietnamese.
  • Choose different measurement units.Switch between coordinate values displayed in either mm or inches.

Other Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece


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