Screw Tightening

Screw Tightening - DOBOT cobot integrated with HIOS screwdriver, screw blow shooting and torque monitoring

Collaborative robot DOBOT CR5 with HIOS torque sensor built-in PGFQ-5000 enables angled screw tightening, screw blow shooting (arm assy) and torque monitoring

HDD assembly (pick&place, screw tightening) with JANOME scara robot with HIOS electric screwdrive

  • JANOME Scara Robot JS3-4520
  • HIOS Electrci Screwdriver BLFQ-2000
  • HIOS Screwfeeder HSV-20RB

Auto screw tightening assembly system integrated with Janome, Nachi and HIOS

System screw tightening assembly of DVD drive integrated with JANOME JR3303, NACHI MZ07, HIOS BLFQ-5000

Multi-Torque Screw Tightening System setting 2 different screw conditions

JANOME Cartesian JC-3 + HIOS Multi-Torque Driver DCD-40L

1) M3 / 0.7Nm / 1,500rpm
2) M3 / 0.4Nm / 800rpm
Torque Monitoring Screw Tightening with Screw Blow Feeding System

Screw Tightening with Screw Blow Feeding System

HIOS Electric Screwdriver BLG-BC2 Pokayoke System Ver.2

Sample system integrated with BLG-BC2 electric screwdriver x 2, HSV screwfeeder x 2, workpiece x 2, jig and PLC to demonstrate the expandability and potential of HIOS pokayoke system to control screw tightening the correct workpiece with the correct screwdriver and screws

HIOS Electric Screwdriver BLG-BC2 Pokayoke System Ver.1


System utilizing BLG-BC2 & BLG-IF2 that allows jig clamping of workpiece and selecting 4 settings of screw counter and motor pulse. Tower lamp can be connected with the system as well

Dispensing with JANOME cartesian robot and NLC dosing valve, integrating height alignment sensor

Cartesian robot JANOME JC3, dosing valve NLC FDV2-SWA-V, KEYENCE height sensor
TAEHA Two Components (2K) Dispensing System

JANOME Desktop JR3000F + TAEHA Dispenser Pro Duo Pump PDP-500
Soldering - DOBOT collaborative robot integrated with JAPAN UNIX soldering module

Collaborative robot DOBOT CR5 with soldering module JAPAN UNIX USP5
Tape / Label Dispensing

Automatic labeling system integrated with collaborative robot

Collaborative robot DOBOT MG400 with label dispenser YAESU LDX120.
Easy-deploy, Cost-Saving, Space-Saving.

Automated tape cutting, YAESU Tape Dispenser integrated with JANOME Desktop Robot

  • YAESU ZCUT-9GR External Signal model
  • JANOME JRV Desktop Robot

Can be integrated with various kinds of robots

Other Equipment
Introduction of Ultrasonic Cutter ZO-91 with Thai Subtitle

Honda Electronics ZO-91
PCB Board Cleaning System

JANOME Scara JS3-5520 + Audio Technica PCB Cleaner TC-130
Exhibition Highlights
Robot Integration Demo at Nepcon Thailand 2019
NEPCON THAILAND 2023 HIBEX booth report
NEPCON THAILAND 2024 HIBEX booth report