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SKU : Micro-tec MT-320 Series

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MT-320 series is a small sized multi-purpose low pressure screen printing machine developed by Micro-tec's new design concepts. Four guide shafts stand on solid casting-plate to support screen frame, eliminating contact-departure mechanism used in the past and runs on the slope rail (PAT.P).

The squeegee head turns around (PAT.P) approximately 90 degree to the upward direction, thus providing a simple and speedy put on and off of a squeegee, a scraper or a screen frame and maintenance or cleaning. A compact machine but with accurate and higher operatability. Modification to install 380 x 380mm screen frame and 300 x 300mm table (option) are possible upon request to have an expanded printing area.


  • Maximum printing area: 150mm x 150mm (approx) (Screen frame set 380mm x 380mm, 180mm x 180mm available)
  • Screen frame: 320 mm x 320 mm x 16.5t (outside) (380 mm x 380mm adjustable)
  • Table size: 230mm x 230mm (300 mm x 300 mm adjustable: option)

Other Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece

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