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DURAPREP SSP-1000 is an acid cleaning system that removes foil manufacturers chromate conversion coatings and conditions substrates for direct dry film lamination without a microetch.

The DURAPREP SSP-1000 System removes oils, fingerprints, oxides, tarnish, and chromates, and leaves a treated surface that retards oxidation and enhances the adhesion of dry film photopolymers.

The DURAPREP SSP-1000 System eliminates the need for any additional process chemistries prior to lamination.

FOAMKILLER NSI-0.00 is a non-silicone defoamer for print circuit board manufacturing process. Former defoamer contained silicone in order to supplement its defoaming property, and it often pollutes print boards. As FOAMKILLER NSI-0.00 never contains silicone, there is no risk of pollution. And it shows speedier effect to remove foam and better dispersing property of sludge than former products. Thereby, it reduces an amount of sludge piled up in developer tank and make easy to prepare developer.

Defoamer for developing process of dry films and Alkali-soluble inks

As it doesn’t contain silicone oil as a defoaming agent, there is no risk of pollution of print board. It shows speedy defoaming property when it’s used especially for alkaline developer. However it never shows good defaoming property against foam caused by detergent contained surfactants. As it excels in dispersing sludge, it make easy to clean developer tank.

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