4-pin Standard Type A Interface Connectors for General-purpose USB Easy Connection Tools for Interface Connectors


SKU : Yokowo DRS-USM

Categories : MRO PCB CONSUMABLES Yokowo



  • This tool is designed to clean the terminal contacts of the KN-USM,KN-USM-D easy connection tool for the general-purpose 4-pin interface connector .
  • Simply insert this product into the KN-USM,KN-USM-D. The adhesive area of this product contacts the terminals of the KN-USM,KN-USM-D, and any dirt attached to the terminal is transferred to this product.
  • Designed to be used every 3,000 cycles, this product should be used on a regular basis. Continued use of a soiled connection tool will result in the soil becoming embedded in the terminals. Such embedded dirt cannot be removed even with this product.
  • To ensure the extended service life of this product, simply wash off the adhering dirt with water and allow to naturally air dry. This revives the adhesive property and ensures this product can be reused repeatedly.

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