Thermosonic Ball Bonder


SKU : Hybond 522A-40



The 522A-40 incorporates Hybond's exclusive Soft Touch™ force ramping system that bonds effectively even to sensitive materials.

Superior wire control is provided by a motorized feed system which features front panel operator adjustment of tail length.

Model 522A-40 sets the industry standard for ease of operation and maintenance. Front panel operator controls include force, ultrasonic time, ultrasonic energy, tail length, EFO power, and stage heat.

The 4:1 X-Y manipulator stage movement and Z axis bond motion are conveniently located to reduce operator fatigue.

Precision machined mechanical components with sealed ball bearings at major points are durable and trouble-free. Modular electronics facilitate quick and cost-effective maintenance.

Other Information
• Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece

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