Thermosonic Wedge Bonder


SKU : Hybond 572A


Imitated but never duplicated, Hybond's exclusive Soft Touch™ force ramping system bonds effectively with less trauma to sensitive materials like GaAs and InP.

Superior wire control is provided by the motorized feed system which features clamps capable of feeding wire and ribbon, dial adjustable tail length, switch for manual tail length adjustment and clamp pull back dial adjustment to allow bonding and cutting of softer (higher elongation) wires than conventionally used for wedge bonding.

Model 572A includes front panel independent controls for 1st and 2nd bond U/S, Time & Force as well as for the built in workstage temperature controller.

The 572A has a proven track record of safe and effective wire and ribbon bonding worldwide.

Other Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece
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