Fluxless and Eutectic Solder Station

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Product Description

Model HY-PULSE 900B is a stand alone variable time pulse heat generating system which allows virtually immediate supply of heat to a centralized point and quickly removes the heat if needed.

The system can deliver a temperature ramp from ambient to 400° C in approximately 4 seconds (depending on package size and material). The total heat pulse time can be adjusted with the front panel temperature module controls.

Complex profiles can be programmed through the USB interface. Cooling can be done faster by activating the cool nitrogen blower.

The HY-PULSE 900B is used in applications that require little or no scrubbing, manual scrubbing, short heating times, reworking of pre-soldered parts and others.

In applications requiring precise pick, place and scrub of devices, HYBOND suggests the integration of the HY-PULSE 900B with our line of Eutectic Die Bonders: Model UDB-141 or UDB-206A.

Other Information
• Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece

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