High UPH Strip Plasma Cleaning System


SKU : SCI Automation Quadrio


The model Quadrio 1 is a compact plasma cleaning system suitable for in line operation.


  • Oxide removal on copper leadframes prior to wire bonding
  • Organic decontamination prior to wire bonding
  • Adhesion promoter prior to moulding
  • Adhesion promoter of die attach materials on leadframes or PBGA strips
  • Flux removal from semiconductor packages or hybrids
  • Adhesion promoter for Flip Chip packages prior to Underfill
  • General activation, cleaning and decontamination


  • This system can process one leadframe per cycle
  • UPH: 120
  • Dimensions: 500 x 1350 x 1800h mm
  • Weight: 400 Kg
  • Power: Single Phase 100-240 V 50 /60Hz, 2.5 KVA
  • Air: Dry 3—6 bar
  • RF: 300 Watts @13.56 Mhz + Auto Tuner
  • Exhaust port: NW25 • 1 gas line standard + 1 optional
  • Maxi leadframe dimensions: 280 x 80 x 1 h mm
  • Mini leadframe dimensions: 130x25x0.1 h mm
  • CE Certified
  • Safety covers and interlocks

Other Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece

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