Photo Mask Cleaner

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Product Description

Cleaned photomasks are essential for improved product yield. Technovision's expertise in cleaning and drying techniques helps you maintain high standards of cleanness for any procedure involving photomasks. The Photomask Cleaning System is available in four models that can be used with a wide range of small to large photomasks.


  • Allows fast scrub cleaning, rinsing, and drying of photomasks, all with a single system.
  • 2 Provides even, precise cleaning with special brushes that leave no scratches on mask patterns.
  • Vertically places and transports photomasks to minimize stress during transport.
  • Most suited to cleaning of substrates for low-volume production of various devices and R&D.
  • Equipped with dedicated work holders for individual sizes and free-size work holders. Parts that come in contact with workpieces are made of plastic.

Model TW-300
Size: Cleans devices up to 360 mm×460 mm
Dimensions: 1,070 mm (W)×700 mm (D)×1,815 mm (H)
Work height: 1,200mm
Weight: 280Kg

Other Information
• Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece

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