UV Curing System | UVC-300A


SKU : Technovision UVC-300A LED Light Source Model


LED UV curing system uses the LED(Light Emitting Diode) light source for UV exposure. Curing performance(state of cure, curing speed) is no difference compared to conventional(metal halide light source and high pressure mercury lamp) equipment, and provide sufficient performance. There are numerous LED benefits such as less damage to the workpiece by exposure at normal temp., very long lifetimes, low power consumption and safety for replacing the light source because it does not get hot in comparison with mercury lamp. Adopt high-output LED driver developed by Technovision , achieve the exposure output of 250mW/cm2 (10mm work distance). Automatic LED UV exposure equipment (Cassette to Cassette) CtoC is available. In addition, Modulization such as embedded equipment is acceptable.


  • Exposure at normal TEMP
  • A momentary light source standup.
  • Eliminate the variability of illuminance
  • Adopted 365nm wavelength, all UV tapes are supported.
  • Built-in few flow auto-N2 purge
  • Small and light, table-top

  • Up to 200mm/8”Model UVC-200
  • Up to 300mm/12”Model UVC-300
  • Dimensions : 750(W)×600(D)×570(H)
  • CtoC automatic model: UVC-300A

Other Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece

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