Brushed Screwdriver (AC type) | VZ


SKU : HIOS VZ Series




  • Transformerless screwdrivers suitable for heavy work
  • Transformerless type with built-in controller.
  • Can be directly plugged into an AC outlet.
  • Light and slim balanced body design that minimizes operator fatigue.
  • HIOS H5 bit and hexagonal bit with width across flats 5mm (5HEX) can be used. (Not applicable to VZ-1510 ,VZ-1510PS,VZ-4504 and VZ-4504PS)


VZ-1510 / VZ-1510PS / VZ-1812 / VZ-1812PS / VZ-1820 / VZ-1820PS / VZ-3007 / VZ-3007PS / VZ-3012 / VZ-3012PS / VZ-4504 / VZ-4504PS / VZ-4506 / VZ-4506PS

Other Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece 
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