Digital Torque Meter | HDP




Use for measuring loosened torque of tightened screws or additional tightening torque.


  • Measured data can be imported to a computer.
  • Up to 100 data items can be stored in the memory and controlled (applicable to HP and HDP only).
  • With one unit of Torque Meter, max, min and ave torque values can be measured (applicable to HP and HDP only).
  • New product, HP-1 is ideal for measuring 10N・cm or smaller torque.
  • Torque for both clockwise or counterclockwise can be measured.
  • As a standard specificataon, data output and analogue output are available.
  • We offer calibration and maintenance services.
  • “Inspection Report” is attached to all the Torque Meters.

Other Information

  •  Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece
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