Industrial ultrasonic cutter | USW-335Ti


SKU : Honda Electronics USW-335Ti


High speed vibration, 22,000 cycle per second (22 kHz) assists smooth cutting with less pressure force. Main compartment and other items are installed in Aluminum carrying case. Easy to carry and store. Foot switch is convenient for both hands free. It also saves power.

Blade of ultrasonic cutter is vibrated in ultrasonic frequency by internal ceramics transducer. The microscopic and high-speed motion of the blade has strong effect and blade moves much smoother with light force. Tough material that require strong force to cut becomes unbelievably smooth.

Applicable material and thickness (reference)

  • Resin: ABS, PP, PET, acrylic
  • Thickness: 3 mm maximum
The cutting experience described above may vary by the environment and hardness of the material. For the material not listed above, please contact us, before you try.

Other Information
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece

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