Ultrasonic Cutter | ZO-91


SKU : Honda Electronics ZO-91


Powerful handy cutting tool with output power control
Blade of ultrasonic cutter is vibrated in ultrasonic frequency by internal ceramics transducer. The microscopic and high-speed motion of the blade has strong effect and blade moves much smoother with light force. Tough material that require strong force to cut becomes unbelievably smooth.


  • One click easy operation.
  • NORMAL mode and HIGH mode can be selected.
  • NORMAL mode runs about 10 minutes and HIGH mode runs about 5 minutes due to rapid temperature increase.
  • Temperature sensor is equipped inside the hand piece to monitor temperature increase. Once the temperature increases, the vibration will stop for safety.
  • Suitable to cut the thickness of materials around 3.0 – 5.0mm
  • Suitable materials to cut
    - Plastic, Synthetic resin, Epoxy putty, Paper/Cardboard, Chemical fiber/cloth, Polyester putty, Object made by 3D printer, Silicone.
    - Plastic models making
    - Processing of sculpted figures and 3D printer
    - Processing of paper or thin plastic sheets in stencil pattern making
    - Deburring in garage kit production
    - Drilling for cosplay goods manufacture
    - Plastic products processing in design prototype



  • Model: ZO-91
  • Oscillator frequency: 40 kHz
  • External dimensions (mm):
    Oscillator (main unit) :173 x 89 x 76 (excluding protrusions)
    Handpiece: 32 × 144 (including blade)
  • Weight:
    Oscillator (main unit) approx. 300 g
    Hand-piece approx. 70 g (including hand-piece cable)
  • Maximum output: 30W
  • Rated voltage: 12V DC
  • Hand-piece cable: 1.6m (straight)
  • Power consumption: Max approx. 35 W
  • AC adapter: 100-240 V AC  50/60 Hz 80VA OUTPUT: 12 V DC, 3.0 A
  • Power cable: 250 V AC, 16 A, 2m
  • Protection circuit:
    The hand-piece is equipped with a built-in temperature sensor.
    The cutter is equipped with a circuit for detecting insufficient tightening and overload.
  • Operating conditions: 5 to 35℃, 20 to 70% humidity (without condensation)
  • Accessories:
    Standard blade (HA04): 1pack (40pcs/pack)
    Blade anchor (ZH04): 1pcs
    Blade anchor screw (HB03): 3pcs
    Hexagon wrench (RR02): 1pcs

Other Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece



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