Dispensing Robot with Camera Specifications


SKU : JANOME JR3000 Dispensing



The JR3000 Series Dispensing Specifications Robot with a camera and sensor attached.


  • Comprehensive Package Robot System
    Camera, laser displacement sensor, and needle adjuster for precision dispensing on workpieces are combined with the highly rigid, high precision JR3000 Series to create a machine vision system package.
  • Easy Setting Method
    What were once complicated camera calibration and sensor settings are now unified with program teaching functions in one PC software which anyone can use easily.
  • User-friendly Operation
    Dedicated PC software has areas for "Programming”, "Camera Imaging ", "Basic Operations" and "Robot Operations" integrated on a single screen for a clear, user-friendly interface.
    ・Use 3 different adjustment functions for consistent precision dispensing
    ・ Camera for X and Y direction adjustment
    ・ Laser displacement sensor for Z direction height adjustment
    ・ Needle adjuster for correcting needle tip position displacement
    3 different adjustment functions make for stable dispensing every time.
  • Recommended Dispensers : TAEHA Iwashita / NLC


Other Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece


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