Static Electricity Monitor / Spot Sensor


SKU : Hugle MODEL750 / 720-1

Categories : IONIZER EQUIPMENT Hugle


Various ionizers (static eliminators) are indispensable for static electricity countermeasures in liquid crystal panel and semiconductor manufacturing processes. Trouble caused by deterioration of static elimination performance, production line stoppage, and reduction of product yield will lead to large loss.

The MODEL 750 can manage static electricity from 0V to ± 50kV, and if the set value is exceeded, an alarm will notify you. Also, MODEL 750 can monitor and manage static electricity in up to 5 locations.



  • Measurement range can be from 0V to ± 50kV by switching the measurement range
  • 5 sensors (MODEL 720-1) can be connected to this device to measure static electricity at up to 5 locations
  • Red LED and electronic when the set value is exceeded With alarm function by sound
  • CE marking certified

Other Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece


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