Laser Soldering System | ULD-02


SKU : Japan Unix ULD-02


Laser soldering, the newest soldering method, now gaining the world’s attention.

Technology is evolving quickly. Mainstream is no longer applicable as evidenced by the emergence of ultrafine electronic circuit boards and multi-layered electrical components. Laser makes possible ultrafine area and other types of soldering that are difficult using tip soldering, which drives enormous advantages.


  • Visible shooting position*
  • Coaxial CCD camera*
  • Software controlled shutter
  • 30W, 45W (optional 15W, 75W )
  • Level 4 laser classification, requires safety cover.



Laser Soldering Robots

  • UNIX-DF203L Desktop
  • UNIX-DF303L Desktop
  • UNIX-DF403L Desktop
  • UNIX-700FHL Scara

Other Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set



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