Ultrasonic Cleaner | WA Low frequency, Separate type


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Multiple oscillation mode ultrasonic cleaner
Four oscillation mode can cover wide range of contamination and matches for various objects
Digital controlled generator circuit optimized stable output power



  • RS-485 communication (MODBUS RTU*) enables you to configure various setting and check the operating status. The frequency and output power settings, as well as the oscillation status, can be read out, which can be used in preventive maintenance.
  • Four Oscillation can cover wide range of contamination and matches for various objects
    1. Adjacent dual-frequency switching oscillation mode (DUAL)
    2. FM oscillation mode (FM)
    3. Single frequency oscillation mode (SINGLE)
    4. Pulse Oscillation mode (PULSE)
  • Optimum and stable cleaning
    The digital system enables automatic frequency tracking and constant power output, which ensure that ultrasonic wave oscillation is performed at the optimum frequency with stable and constant output in response to fluctuations in the load, such as the liquid depth, liquid temperature, liquid type, decompression status, and workpiece status. As a result, optimum cleaning is achieved.
  • Easy maintenance
    When the transducer unit is replaced by one with the same specifications, there is no need to calibrate the generator. When an abnormality occurs with the generator, the cause is diagnosed and the corresponding error is indicated by one the six different LED lamp illumination patterns on the front panel.



  • Semiconductor industry: IC, Transistors, Si wafers, Photo mask
  • Fine Electronics: PCB, HDD parts, glass substrate of LCD
  • Automotive: Piston, Fuel pump, Electrical parts

Other Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece
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