Ultrasonic Cleaner | W-357 High frequency, Nozzle type cleaner


SKU : Honda Electronics W-357


Nozzle type cleaner "PULSE JET" point type



  • Applying ultrasonic pressure to the water stream from the nozzle creates particle acceleration in the water and the water particle motion removes submicron contamination on the objective works
  • Fresh DI water supply avoids re-contamination within the cleaning media.
  • Suitable for single wafer processing system.
  • High frequency ultrasound (megasonic) is effective for fine particle contamination.
  • Output power control can adjust the power and suitable for delicate object like magnetic head.



  • 400kHz | W-357-04PG : Combination with high power transducer for high power application
  • 1MHz | W-357-1MPG : Power stabilized generator saves electric power consumption and reliable cleaning power.
    *CE Compliance is possible
  • 1.5MHz | W-357-1.5MPG : Higher frequency drive is useful for finer particle contamination. RS-422A communication is equipped.
  • 3MHz | W-357-3MPG : Very high, 3 MHz system. For the finest semiconductor process.

Other Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece
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