Commercial Nozzle Vacuum Sealer





  • Vacuum Sealing length: 45cm
  • Suitable for sealing products: Electronic component
  • Stainless steel outer casing, rustproof, solid and heavy-duty, health and hygiene to be used.
  • Professional vacuum sealer to perform of high sealing quality, widely use for industry.
  • Sealing operation:
    (1) Manual seal: by hand operation.
    (2) Pressure sensor switch control: if the air inside of bag is vacuumed out, the sealer will seal the bag automatically.
    (3) Setting vacuum time.
  • Counting of PCB function: after vacuuming and sealing, the machine will count the operating number of times automatically. It can be clearly to know how many bags that were finished.
  • Equipped water filter to prevent humidity into machine to destroy the machine parts inside.
  • The machine is mini size, which can save space and move easily.
  • Vacuum package to keep food fresh longer and keeps the precious articles from humidity.
  • Available for: any kinds of vacuum sealer bag.



  • Model No. : DVNT-455
  • Sealing type : Impulse heating
  • Voltage/Ampere : 110V / 15.3A, 220V
  • Power : 1690W(110V)
  • Vacuum capacity : 27.0” hg
  • Max.sealing : 460.0 x 5.0 mm
  • Vacuum time : 0.0–99.0 sec. (adjustable)
  • Sealing time : 0.0–6.0 sec. (adjustable)
  • Cooling time : 0.0–10.0 sec. (adjustable)
  • Machine weight : 15.60 kgs
  • Machine size : 502 x 298 x 162 mm 


Other Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece
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