Pump Dispenser | ND


SKU : HEISHIN Mohno Dispenser ND


A standard model capable of handling a wide array of fluids, from flowable fluids to high-viscosity fluids



  • Compact and light-weight model
    Can be installed on smaller robots
  • Excellent assembly reproducibility
    Excellent assembly reproducibility during maintenance, and reduces the time for the robot teaching
  • Drastically reduces residual fluids
    Helps cut costs via reduction in loss of materials


Primary Applications

  • Application of liquid gasket to a head cover or the like
  • Minute application to precision PCBs
  • Metered filling of syringes



Silicone resin, Epoxy resin, UV-curing resin, Silicone oil, Anti-cementation material, Lubricants, etc.

Other Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity : 1 pcs



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