Pump Dispenser | HD


SKU : HEISHIN Mohno Dispenser HD


A minute application model for Φ0.2-mm point application and 0.2mm width line application



  • High accuracy even with minute amounts
    Application is highly accurate and stable even with minute μL-level amounts.
  • Lightweight, compact design
    By reducing the casing volume as much as possible, we cut down on the volume of waste fluid. It can be installed with ease on miniaturized tabletop robots.
  • Stable application over an extended period of time
    With a structure not easily affected by changes in viscosity brought on by fluid temperature, lots or the like, it stabilizes the application amount and contributes to a decrease in the number of adjustments and the amount of down time.


Primary Applications

  • Point application of minute quantities of soldering paste to a PCB
  • Application of waterproofing sealant to the outer edge of a camera lens



Soldering paste, Silver paste, Nickel paste, Copper paste, Silicone adhesive, Epoxy adhesive, UV-curing adhesive, Insulating adhesive, Conductive adhesive, Die bonding paste, Underfill agents, Thermal grease, Silicone grease, Industrial grease, Lubricating oil, Paint, Ink, Organic solvents, Coating agents, Desiccating agents and various slurries

Other Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity : 1 pcs



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