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  • A low and middle volume PCBA batch cleaner for flux residual. Clean, rinse and dry sections are completed in one chamber
  • With suitable fixture, also can be used for stencil, misprint as well as other small parts cleaning
  • All-around clean system: Effective cleaning organic and inorganic matter on the surface of products;
  • Automatic cleaning; Finish cleaning ,rinsing and drying process in one chamber;
  • Visualization all process: With 2 led lamp, the cleaning process can be seen in through the window.
  • High clean capacity: 610mm(L)*560mm(W)*100mm(H) ,satisfied bigger cleaning size and higher capacity
  • Reasonable nozzle distribution design :Incremental from middle to left and right side; Dislocation distribute in upper and lower, no blind area
  • The cleanness of real-time monitoring system: For monitoring cleaning effect, Resistivity meter can be set and the scope is 1MΩ-17MΩ
  • Option for monitor the concentration and refill chemical
  • Smart Touch screen control methord : According to different PCBA model set with different process parameters, Quick edit and variety of different process parameters can be stored program, including: solvent temperature, cleaning time, rinse times/time, rinse temperature, dry time, drying temperature, conductivity monitoring parameters, etc... According to different permissions, operator, can be set password management authority
  • High standards of cleanliness: Ion pollution completely accords with the 610D IPC - Ⅰ class standard (less than 1.5 ug/c㎡, and the U.S. army standard of MIL28809 Ⅰ class standard
  • Convenient liquid add mode : Can manual to join, also can set according to proportion (5% ~ 20%) automatic proportioning DI water and chemical fluid



  • Appearance size : L1200× W1100× H1830(mm)
  • Cleaning chamber size : L690 x W620 x H715(mm)
  • Concentration Chemical tank size : 25L
  • Dilution tank capacity : 70L
  • Rinse tank capacity : 30 L
  • Solvent tank heater power : 9KW
  • Dry Heater power : 6KW
  • Clean pump : 5.5kw
  • Rinse pump : 5.5kw
  • Cleaning module : 360°rotary spray
  • Cleaning time : 5~20min(reference
  • Rinse time : 1~2min
  • Dry time : 20~30Min
  • Resistivity instrument : 0~20MΩ·cm
  • Weight : 400kg 

Other Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity : 1 pcs


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