Scara Robot | YK-XE


SKU : Yamaha YK-XE



Low cost high performance Scara Robot. For improved efficiency and reliability in production at affordable price.


  • Suitable for transfer and assembly of automotive parts
  • High-speed, less-vibration, and agile operation contributes to improvement of the productivity
  • Acceleration/Deceleration is optimized automatically
  • Enhanced size and numbers of air tubes and user I/O for end effectors. Tubes and wires are positioned for easy layout and reduced risk of disconnection (YK610XE-10 and YK710XE-10)
  • Easier operation in combination with the RCX340 controller
  • Simple and Easy integration of Vision System
  • Compatible with full field networks such as CC-Link, EtherNet/IP™, DeviceNet™, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, and EtherCAT.
  • Reliability backed by 43-year experience of SCARA robot development


  • Models : YK400XE / YK510XE-10 / YK610XE-10 / YK710XE-10
  • Arm Length : 400mm / 510mm / 610mm / 710mm
  • Maximum Payload : 4kg / 10kg / 10kg / 10kg
  • Standard Cycle Time : 0.41sec / 0.38sec / 0.39sec / 0.42sec
  • R-Axis Tolerable Moment of Inertia : 0.05kgm2 / 0.3kgm2 / 0.3kgm2 / 0.3kgm2

Other Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece



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