Linear Conveyor Module | LCMR200


SKU : Yamaha LCMR200



Advanced linear conveyor module with high speed transport and traceability


  • Tact time is redueced by 50% compared to conventional conveyor
  • "Direct Drive" and "Slider Backward Travel" allow to share the same process to reduce the cost and downsize the production lines
  • Sliders are driven by servo motors, no additional sensors nor stoppers required
  • Sliders can be utilized as X-Axis of robots
  • Reduced set-up time for multi-product production
  • Tracebility by setting individual IDs to sliders.
  • YHX Controller enables full-control of all modules


  • Drive method : Linear motor with moving magnet type core
  • Position Search : Magnetic absolute position sensor
  • Max. Palyload : 30kg
  • Max. speed : 2,500mm/sec
  • Repeatability : ±5μm
  • Controllable Line Length : Max. 25.5m
  • Max. No. of Robot Sliders : Max. 64 units
  • Min. spacing between robot sliders : 210mm

Other Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece




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