Dobot Palletizing Solution | CR20A/10A


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Dobot Palletizing Solution
Configuration can be completed in 30 min, Maximum Payload : 20 kg, Pace : 8 -13 pcs/min 



  • Large payload and high pace
    The workstation can carry up to 20kg and stack up to 2,100mm high, meeting the palletizing demands of food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. When using the latest CR10A~20A cobots, palletizing speeds can reach 8–13 pieces per minute, which is the highest industry-leading speed.
    The Ewellix 900 mm large lifting payload column is designed to handle a maximum payload capacity of 1500 N. This column offers stability, reliability, and operates with minimal noise.
  • Go into operation in 30 Min
    Dobot's self-developed palletizing process package is integrated, enabling effortless initiation of production through a simple 5-step setup procedure, eliminating the need for programming.
  • Flexible deployment
    The workstation incorporates a modular layout, facilitating plug and play functionality, and enabling swift installation. It efficiently manages the production of various products, eliminating the need for line changes and streamlining operations.
  • Exceptionally secure
    With the inclusion of the virtual wall feature, this product provides the flexibility to set operating boundaries as needed, guaranteeing production safety. The robot can be seamlessly connected to external safety lasers, safety grating, and other safety equipment, effortlessly achieving multi-layer safeguards. Having obtained certifications including ISO12100, EN60204-1, ISO10218-2, and ISO13849-1, this product has established its credibility and dependability in
    terms of safety.
  • Quick return
    The utilization of Dobot's palletizing workstation offers a solution to liberate workers from monotonous and physically demanding palletizing tasks, resulting in substantial cost savings for menial jobs. This user-friendly workstation enables
    regular workers to swiftly adapt, thereby minimizing the expenses associated with ongoing maintenance. Typically, the investment in this workstation can be recouped within a span of 8-10 months once it is implemented for production purposes.
  • Efficient Dual-suction Mode
    It supports free configure to pick one or two boxes at a time, which boosts palletizing efficiency and adapts to faster scenarios. It has a dual-suction mode that can pick two boxes at a time, increasing palletizing efficiency by up to 62.5% and enabling easy and efficient palletizing.
  • Supports Configuration of Box Transition Point and Target Point
    It allows you to set the palletizing position and the box transition point, which minimizes the effect of box size and pallet height differences, eliminates extra space between boxes, and compacts them. You can also set the palletizing position and the box transition point independently, which makes debugging easier.
  • Flexible Stack Configuration
    The system allows for the customization of box palletizing order and entry directions for 8 different types of boxes. This feature is particularly useful in complex stack scenarios where specific arrangements are required.
  • Supports Picking and Placing Partitions
    In response to the needs of the food and beverage industries, picking and placing partitions for palletizing is supported by the process package, which makes the stack more stable. This feature is simple to set up. Just select the partition picking point, transition point, and placing point in three steps.



  • CR20A Columnar Palletizing Workstation / Payload 20 kg / Palletizing Height 1740 mm / Working Radius 1700 mm
  • CR20A Lifting Palletizing Workstation / Payload 20 kg / Palletizing Height 2100 mm / Working Radius 1700 mm
  • CR10A Lifting Palletizing Workstation / Payload 20 kg / Palletizing Height 1800 mm / Working Radius 1300 mm

Other Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity : 1 set

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